Let Darkness have its day

From a retreat journal entry in April 2013

Darkness cannot abide the Light. Those in darkness yearn for the light, but in so far as they have been touched by darkness, they hate the light.

And so it is that they both fear and yearn for the light of Christ, attracted and repelled by the one thing that will save them. For this reason Christ both attracts and repels. For men loathe what they fear, even though what they fear is nothing that would wound them in this case, except in love.

Christ is light and love in such purest form that only the purest hearts can welcome him unreservedly. Yet those who reject him, reject him not out of malice, but out of hopelessness. They cannot do otherwise. They nailed Pure Love to the cross.

Because Christ took pity on these his murderers, he willingly let fear and hate have their day in order that he might release their prisoners after they have done their worst. So they reviled him, humiliated him, tortured him, and crucified him. And when they have done their very worst, Christ opened his arms and poured out his life. And the Word that came from the Father’s mouth resounded throughout heaven, earth, and hell.

Has Christ died for me yet? Have I allowed him to be crucified for me yet? Has the Word of God thundered into my universe yet?

I must let fear and loathing have their day in my life so that Jesus Christ can offer his reply. The Cross was God’s reply. It has always been, and will always be, for it was at the cross that the Word accomplished the mission for which he was spoken: He revealed the depth of the Father’s love.

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