God’s Work

It is God’s work, not mine. HE is the master builder.
I cannot rush God’s work. I am simply called at every instant to love.

Love the person in front of me, whoever it is. Whether it is a superior, a stranger, a friend, an enemy, or someone I am leading or working with. This person could even be myself. The most I can do to advance God’s Kingdom is always, always, to love. 

Love means accepting the person where he is at. It means accepting that I cannot push my agenda, no matter how brilliant or inspired it may be, if the person in front of me is not ready. Love means never seeing a person as a means to some end, no matter how good that end might be. Love means willing the best thing for this person before me, here and now.

I am frustrated when I am more interested in the plan than in loving. If I am ready to make space, to accept, to wait, and to trust that God has everything under control, then I would not be frustrated. I would be at peace.

Dearest Lord Jesus, you taught me to pray to the Father saying “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done.” Give me the grace to serve as you served – always with urgency but never in haste. Let me proclaim the Kingdom as boldly as you did, but always seeing and loving the person before me. Ultimately, Lord, grant me the grace to be able to lay down my life for anyone you place before me so that I may, through my life, allow Your Kingdom to come. Amen.

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