Message to a soldier for Christ

Why are you surprised when you meet resistance on the way to heaven? How else will you be trained so that you can have the endurance and strength to make the journey and bring others with you?

If your heart is truly set on heaven, then welcome the trials that come your way for all things work unto good for those whose hearts are given to Christ. The more committed you are to Christ, the less you will complain or brood when difficulties come. The greater the love you have for God and neighbour, the quicker you will get over yourself and get back to serving in gladness when you are persecuted or wounded.

But never deny your vulnerability or struggles. Rather, accept them as the battle scars that every true soldier of Christ must bear and wear them proudly! For in your weakness and brokenness will the glory of the risen Christ be made manifest if you let Him be your Lord and saviour. Ask him for healing so that you can fight even harder under his banner!

Never cease to pray; never cease to soak in God’s love at every moment you remember. For when you are drunk in God’s Spirit, you will see resistance for the blessing that it is. Trials are but the staircase that God builds for his child for her to climb her way home to heaven. So welcome resistance when you encounter it. It’s one of God’s love languages.

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