I want to be free

Discovered this in an undated draft. Everything written here still holds true for me today. 

There is only one thing that matters – the salvation of souls. The salvation of my soul and the salvation of all souls.

Jesus Christ became man and died for my sins to set me free. Free from all that bind me and prevent me from living the abundant life I was created to live.

If the glory of God is the human person fully alive, then every person is meant to be fully alive. What does it mean to be fully alive? Freedom. Free to choose life always. Free to choose love always. Free to choose truth always. Free to behold what is God’s and always free to choose God’s will for me. That is the life I am meant to live. Yet I find myself still in so many chains.

Enchained by the desire for human esteem. The fear of rejection. The fear of criticism. The fear of humiliation. The desire to be loved. The desire to be needed… admired, consulted, and remembered.

So many chains. O Lord there are so many chains that bind me. I offer myself to you Lord. Take me, take my life and make me yours now and forever…


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