Cleanse my heart O Lord

Lord, I have been praying this for a while and now I pray it again:

Cleanse my heart! Rip out every last vestige of any idol that is there. Break my heart if You will it, if it is what will free me to love You more deeply and serve You more completely.

I will not entertain any thoughts that instil fear, anxiety, and disquiet in me. I will not cave in to curiosity. I choose to turn my gaze back to Your most Holy Face, O Lord, to contemplate Your Beauty.

Jesus, I am blind. So blind. You stand before me and yet I am so easily distracted by lesser things even after You have captivated me. It must be that my heart has not yet been completely captured by You yet.

So cleanse my heart, O Lord! Sear me with Your love and make me forget all lesser loves so that I may come before You empty of the world, ready to be filled by You.

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