Ann, Ann, you’re growing in mindfulness and you can now notice the correlation between your wandering thoughts and the effect those thoughts have on your inner being.

Notice how a few lines of inspired writing by Ruth Burrows lifts your soul’s gaze to God and fills you with energy and renewed zeal to follow Christ. Notice how certain thoughts centered on your neuroses narrow your mind’s vision and quickly make your inner being feel suffocated and listless. Notice how when you call upon the name of Jesus and Mary to help you there is a greater awareness of the choice you make in directing your thoughts. Notice how rested your soul feels after sitting in quiet or journaling your thoughts. Notice how fidgety you are sometimes after watching videos or surfing on social media.

Notice, Ann, at every moment, the state of your inner being, for your soul longs to be in undisturbed adoration before the presence of the Trinitarian God. Learn to preserve that state of quiet so that you may at all times be at peace.

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