In prayer it was revealed to me that there are three spiritual pillars I need to root myself deeply in:

1. Prayer
2. Holy Scripture
3. The Eucharist

The truth is that I have only in recent years begun to really deepen my prayer life; to desire prayer and learn to pray, and wrestle with prayer. I have not yet begun to engage with Holy Scripture or the Eucharist in nearly the same way. Those I still approach in the “old way” – I can do it, but not with deep engagement or love. More often than not I engage these with a greater sense of duty than love. And I know that I will not grow without God’s help to develop a true Eucharistic spirituality or to become a woman rooted in God’s word in scripture. I want these, but not quite enough.

And so I have asked God for the grace to hunger more for His Word both in the Eucharist and in Holy Scripture. He will surely grant this request; in His time, in His way.

In the meantime, I wait. (How perfect to begin this waiting in Advent! haha)

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