Good Friday

In what seemed to be the blink of an eye,
the world as they had come to know it changed.

The master became their servant;
The Rabbi has become the convict;
The hands that healed the sick and fed the hungry
will be pierced and pinned to the cross;
The One whom even the winds and the sea obeyed
is meek as a lamb led to his slaughter.

The One who had given comfort now needs to be consoled;
The well that never runs dry now thirsts;
The One who had wept for his friend will now be mourned.

Somehow in my inner depths I know,
That what had taken place two thousand years ago
must happen in my heart today,
I must let myself enter the darkness
of being bereft of my Lord,
So that I may grow in love for Him,
and the world for which He was forsaken.

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