An Easter Reflection

One cannot proclaim the Risen Christ merely with words; others must see the Risen Christ in our lives.

They must see us diseased, but now healed;
Blind, but now with sight;
Mute, but now speaking boldly;
Captive, but now set free;
Dead, but now fully alive.

To believe in the Risen Christ is not an intellectual assent, but an interior revolution of such seismic proportions that the one who has come to faith is an entirely new creation. Conversion can be sparked in an instant, but takes a lifetime of committed discipleship to complete.

Just as the early disciples learnt on the first Easter morning, the journey of discipleship doesn’t end here. A new chapter begins – deeper, more mysterious, less tangible, and far more open-ended than our human natures would like. The Paschal Mystery of the past three days must now be lived out in the lives of every disciple. Are we ready for it?

May we never fail to allow Easter to astound us, or the risen Lord to discomfit us.

Christ is Risen! Alleluia!

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