Being Woman

DSC01472           My cousin-in-law with her newborn daughter

I have read somewhere that all women are mothers, even if we never have our own biological children. I have come to see how that is true. For as I mature as a person, I am finding myself more and more a mother to others. As I become more accepting of myself and less driven to change myself into a particular kind of person that the world asks me to be, I am becoming more tender and compassionate to the wounded and lost, wiser in counsel to those who seek direction, and more fruitful in bringing joy to others.

There is a soft power, a gentle yet steely and comforting strength inherent in womanhood that we all – including strong and powerful men – instinctively turn to in times of need. I sometimes wonder if we realise how destructive it is to the human psyche when we destroy our natural ability to see the beauty, strength, and life-giving vulnerability of womanhood by deconstructing it, objectifying it, politicising it or insisting on obliterating the differences between man and woman.

While there is both yin and yang in all creatures, and integrated men and women are comfortable with both the masculine and feminine within them, still there is a glorious difference between man and woman – and a purpose for that difference. There is an inner truth about this that transcends intellectual argument and understanding; it is a truth that is slowly revealing itself to me from my heart as I learn to heed its wisdom. And everyday I am discovering that my own personal vocation and mission is formed and informed by my womanhood.

What does it mean to be a woman? I can’t say I know, for the more I learn, the more I realise it is a mystery. But one thing I know – as I encounter God’s love for me more deeply and become clearer about my identity in Him, I am feeling more secure in my womanhood and ever more grateful for it!

Happy International Women’s Day!

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