My New Podcast

You know that new life transition I wrote about in my last entry? It’s this – I started a podcast! I honestly never thought I would do something like this – and it’s been so intense!

Becoming Me is just the latest development in my Journey of the Heart. And I am so excited to share this new part of my life adventure with those of you who have been reading my entries here over the years.

I will still continue to blog here. But I invite you – especially if you have enjoyed my writing – to also check out the new podcast. I share stories there too! I have added a permanent page to this blog where you can link to the Becoming Me website. I hope you subscribe to my mailing list there as well, and to the podcast which can be found on pretty much all the podcast apps out there.

Thank you, dear readers for your support over these years – without this blog, and without your readership, Becoming Me would not have been possible. Looking forward to having you connect with me on the other site as well!

Here are some links to get you started!


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