I’ve been pretty stressed so far this week… bad timing. Suddenly all sorts of things colluding… parquet flooring popping up, government choosing to review my tax return. Today from the moment I woke up I was ‘fighting fire’ one after another…and it wasn’t till about 1p.m. in the afternoon that I could take a breather. My day ended much better than it began though… and I have 3 people (not counting Zibin whose short calls never fail to cheer me up as []


It’s always humbling to discover how many syntactic and grammatical mistakes an English teacher can still find in my careless writing. Even more painful to be told that I have an ‘inefficient writing style’ when I had begun to think that efficiency and organization were my two redeeming writing virtues. Maybe I will give some serious thought to taking some of those writing courses offered by the SGS writing center. Afterall, I wouldn’t want to be a disgrace to my English subject []

Just Checking-In…

Whenever I post a nice photo with a blog entry, I’m always so reluctant to make a new entry cos I think the photo looks so nice where it is… That’s part of why it’s taken me an entire week to blog. The other part…well, I’ve been very busy, tired, and been more inclined to write in my paper diary (where I write those really personal reflections and thoughts) this past week. Feeling quite sore (physically) and tired again tonight… had a []

Idiots or Heroes of Wisdom?

Today was quite a day. I went back to school to attend the first lecture of PHL100Y (Introduction to Philosophy). Huixuan’s taking the course and Prof. Mark Kingwell is teaching it. Mark Kingwell was my first year philosophy prof back in 1998 in Scarborough Campus. And he was the most amazing instructor I ever had. He wasn’t necessarily the best instructor cos I’ve had several excellent profs in my undergrad years. But he was the most distinctive. He shaved his head back []

First Day of Term

It’s that time of the year again… the campus abuzz with chatter, laughter… students with backpacks, students on cycles, students sitting on the grass. Talking, waving, smiling. “I just had my first class today!” “Really? How was it?” “It was a seminar…” Long line-ups at the bookstore. Free pizza upcoming. After a relatively languid summer, UofT is alive again with the energy of its undergrads. I kind of miss that feeling… first day of classes again. What will the prof be like? []

Gal Pal Day

Today was a day filled with the girls in my (Toronto) life: 10a.m. Chat with Wanting 12noon Lunch with Wanting: Soba & Leftovers 1p.m. Chat with Erin & Katina @ TPS OISE/UT 2:45p.m. Drinks with Phei Yee & Bertina @ L’Espresso Bar Mercurio. 4:30p.m. Tim Hortons Iced-Cap with Wanting, Hui Jun & Hui Mei 8:15p.m. Dinner @ Goldstone with Hui Jun, Hui Mei, Hui Xuan & their Mom

A Toast to the Frosh of 2005

It’s that time of the year again! Yesterday as I entered Eaton Center I heard shouts and cheers and applause. As I looked around for the source of the din, a middle-aged man smilingly said to me ” It’s those university kids. They were here yesterday as well.” A mix of emotions welled up in me in an instant… a part of me immediately thought of my own orientation experience in fall ’98, another part of me smiled at the energy and []

Jet Lag & Jazz

There’s something decadent about listening to jazz over a steaming mug of chocolate at 4a.m. in a softly lit bedroom. I suppose I should have known better than to succumb to sleep at 10p.m. It wasn’t a particularly restful sleep either, filled with dreams… strange dreams of the downtown area of a city which didn’t seem to be recognisable as either Singapore or Toronto. I’m half tempted to go to the roof and see if the moon is out tonight. On my []

Day 1 back in T.O.

Unpacking: 20% Sleep Debt: 100% House-cleaning: 0% Laundry: 0% Groceries: 50% Check Voice-Mail/Return Calls: 100% Bill Payment: 100% Miss-o-meter:100% A former SNG senior of mine experienced a bitter end to an 8 yr-long relationship. Wedding banquet was to be this December. The fiance broke up with her and cancelled the wedding in one SMS. No dialogue, no discussion, no explanation.From what I know of the ex-groom-to-be, it was a display of pure narcissism at its zenith. Need more sleep… Zzzz.

It's time…

It’s time to leave Singapore again. My 12th Singapore-Toronto journey since August 1998. It’s hard to say good-bye, particularly hard this time because a month ago I was made to realize how fragile our mortal lives actually are. We’re all on borrowed time and we never know when that allotted time is up. A heartfelt thank you to my dear friends who have reached out in concern for me and my family this summer. Thank you for your prayers and your understanding. []