Hoo’s The Clown?

My Teva sandal fell apart when I was out for dinner yesterday. For the rest of the evening, I had to lift my right foot clearly off the ground when I walked so the ‘flap’ of the sole that had come loose wouldn’t drag on the ground. I wasn’t self-conscious about how I looked when I walked though, until I was almost home. Walking back from the visitor’s parking lot (cos it was Zibin’s car), Zibin started mimicking (and exaggerating) the way I was walking. Left foot takes a normal step, then right foot comes clear off the ground in a ‘marching’ step. It did not look good. And he was making fun of me! I stopped walking, he stopped. I made a plea to stop it, please. I started walking again, in the only way I could. And he started up again! I decided to change my steps, in an attempt to look less foolish. So after my normal step with the left foot, I semi-dragged my right foot sideways. Cpt. Hoo immediately mimicked the step as well and I realized it looked even more foolish…and also very funny. No amount of pleading or wheedling could get him to stop mimicking me…for, in his words (accompanied by a very angelic expression), “I just want to be like you mah, darling.” I was laughing so hard, I couldn’t stand straight. It’s quite odd how I was laughing so hard considering it was me he was making fun of.

Anyway, by the time we took the elevator up to my apartment, I had calmed down somewhat. And I thought my embarrasing evening was over. Imagine our surprise when the door was already open, before we rang the doorbell. And then even before I asked, I knew… my peals of hysterical laughter had been heard even while I was still downstairs. I probably should have been more embarrassed about that…but then, I’m resigned. I just have to remember, that the next time I hear my dad, or John laughing from downstairs, I shouldn’t tease them so much about it :P


  1. I have this very interesting mental picture, with King Louie monkeying around with Mowgli… erm… MowglAnni, trying to find the secret of Teva sandals, so that he could be just like her.

    Oh, oobee doo
    I wanna be just like you
    I wanna walk like you

    Talk like you, too
    Oh, You’ll see it’s true
    An ape like me
    Can learn to be human too!

  2. *lol* The same song popped into my head when I was mulling over his “I just want to be like you” comment when I was making the blog entry. I was wondering if you would make reference to it…and you did!

  3. *laughs

    Well, I’m nothing if not predictable. :P Of course I’d make reference to it, such a statement literally begs itself to be recognised. :) But it is a pretty fun game right? Recognising song lyrics from dialogue. :) Very addictive.

    Anyway, I have been inspired by this entry to call ZB King Hooie. King Hooie… hmm… It’s got a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

    And you too, MowglAnni. MowgliAnni sounds better than Oscarina, don’t you think? *very big grin*

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