Think Of Me…

I’m shameless about this… I love it when something happens that let me know that someone is thinking of me. And for some reason, these past 2 days, I’ve been showered with small gestures that’s put a smile to my face. An out-of-the-blue msn “i miss you” from not one, but TWO very dear friends […]


Most of the time I can be alone, and comfortable, and I can even listen to the most plaintive music there is and be ok. But sometimes when I’m alone, the emptiness around me becomes palpable and the silence is almost tangible. At such times, it’s so hard to find the ‘right’ music to play […]

Fresh Air

I’m a homebody…staying home is usually very pleasant for me. But after having stayed indoors for nearly 4 days straight, it was lovely to step out for some fresh air today. I also more than made up for those long hours of solitude with a really long chat with HM. I suppose that could be […]

You’ve Got Mail

Getting mail used to be a rare and pleasant occurrence. A greeting card, an unexpected letter from a friend (these are still rare occurrences now, and still much cherished and beloved). Nowadays, those three little words “you’ve got mail” that I hear from Wanting produce in me a sense of resignation. I’m inundated with mail […]