Mid-Day Mumble

It’s hot outside. Is that why people in Morrison Pavilion keep falling asleep around me?! A guy was beside me earlier, watching NBA on his lap-top. Then he studied a bit. Then he slept. And left after he slept. Soon after another guy took his place. And now he’s asleep too! And of course, Li Ning also had her regular post-lunch library nap. I just had to doze off as well…


I’m editing my comprehensive essays and falling asleep doing so. Li Ning was amused because she interpreted that as me finding my own writing boring. Well…it kind of *is*. Afterall, I wrote it, didn’t I? It’s not new to me. Besides, whenever it comes to re-reading/editing my work, it’s when the N (iNtuition) in me kicks in. I’m a big-picture/idea person…the piece flows, the ideas make sense, that’s what I get. I hate having to pay attention to every word, every phrase, every punctuation. Especially after so much effort in writing it in the first place! That is why I need a S (Sensing) type with precision and eagle-eye accuracy to help me check my work…*sigh*


The second guy who was taking a nap beside me just woke up. And LEFT. I swear…is the desk beside me labelled ‘napping desk’?! Li Ning says they all come and become sianz when they see me. *rolls eyes* Now a third guy has just sat down beside me. Let’s see how long it is before he falls asleep.

As for me. I need to go out for a walk. I need a break from this sleep-inducing environment! SUN!

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