Selective Mega Memory

Recently, my ‘mega-memory’ with regards to events, conversations and people have become a topic for discussion again. A couple of my newer friends have been exclaiming/complaining about it (must be bad conscience…hmmm…). I have to proclaim innocence here… I never *try* to remember such things. I just *do*. And no, Sherry, I cannot help you memorize your Human Biology textbook for you because for some unfortunate reason, this amazing memory of mine that can sometimes remember conversations verbatim is limited to ‘useless’ things like conversations or other types of episodic events (things that have happened to me like how somebody tried to kill me last MSSA orientation). More than once I had lamented that I can’t remember what I read as effortlessly (and as long!) as the way I remember what people say or do. What to do?

And as for Li Ning, whose powers of observation are nothing short of uncanny (these days I keep looking over my shoulder to see if she’s watching me cos she has detected some very ‘small’ things about me already), my memory is going to be used as a defensive tool should she try to blackmail me with what she has observed, I shall have material that I also have stored up in my memory bank *evil cackle*.

Also, I have noticed since yesterday, that there is a phrase Li Ning keeps throwing at me in different forms. They’re something like:

“Ann, 你可不可以不要这样不要脸?”

“Ann, 你可不可以不要这样 hao lian?”

“Ann, 你可不可以不要脸皮这么厚?”

And I swear that I never did anything to deserve such a response! *angelic look* Ah well, none of you would believe me, right? Least of all John and Yinwei who always say I am ‘hao lian’ also (but since they are also very hao lian, I forgive them for saying so *sniff*)

So far, there is only one kind soul (other than Zibin) who has said I am not thick-skinned or hao lian, and I am still waiting for the alternative ‘verdict’. Either this kind soul has got the sun in her eye, or she has impressive powers of appreciation for the finer things in life…mainly, *ahem* me. *grin* (excuse me while I go gag over my own hao-lianess)

Have a lovely day everyone…ttyl! :P

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