Full Day

Morning: Rashes, Nice Houses & Brunch
I was appointed Qiuyan’s loyal companion and chief enCOURAGEr for her trip to her Allergist this morning. It was a pleasantly uneventful trip. It was a short drive up to St. Clair Ave, her wait was very short, and the doctor was very, very nice. Problem is, after a full allergy test, they still did not come up with a cause for her repeated rash/hives. She did find out that she was allergic to cats though.

The neighbourhood in which the clinic was in was quite lovely…and I ended up taking quite a few pictures of the houses in the area while she was being tested. After she was done, we went for brunch (ha ha at Bonjour Brioche! This time I had the quiche…and we drove :P).

Afternoon: Iced Earl Grey & Nature
Li Ning had saved us both seats at the ground floor level of Morrison Pavilion, and the afternoon was (mostly) spent mugging for exams for the two of them…and editing essays on my part. As usual though, there were the snooze attacks, and all three of us succumbed at different times. And after a few hours of work, I accompanied Li Ning to SS for her TA’s office hour. And while she was asking questions, I was reading newspapers and trying out my second version of Second Cup’s Iced Earl Grey. Since it’s been so warm out these past two days, I had been craving something cold to drink. But I didn’t like the flavoured teas that are usually sold. So I requested the regular earl grey… and a large cup filled with ice. And I made my own iced-tea! Yesterday I had tried the tea plain…today with soy milk and honey. I think I like the plain one better. Fragrant, fresh and refreshing…fitting for summer (which is coming very soon lah). The trick to making the tea as cold as possible though, is not to pour it into the ice directly. Let it cool a little first…or else the ice will mostly melt on contact!

On the way back to Gerstein, Li Ning and I detoured a bit so she could show me a magnolia tree and a fir tree at the west side of UC. We found angles that were so becoming for the magnolia tree that I ended up going back to Gerstein to get my camera and coming back out to take some pictures. I also took some pretty cool photos of the fir tree. Of late I’ve been paying even closer attention to nature than I had in the past…being absorbed in something is a wonderful way of giving myself a rest from something else. And there is so much beauty in spring… *smile*

Evening: ‘Scratchy’ Dining @ Café Diplomatico
I had dinner with Qiuyan, Yiling, Thaddeus and friend of theirs tonight. Qiuyan was leaving for Europe on Thursday after her last exam and only returning to Toronto after I leave for Singapore. So this was my last meal with her in Toronto (in the foreseeable future). For the venue, I suggested we try Café Diplomatico in Little Italy, a place that Huixuan had recommended and which I had read about in Hui Jun’s blog.

We had pasta and pizza and a dinner special between us. They were very impressed with the seafood pasta (which was the best among what we had ordered). *smile* But what made dinner very interesting was the unfortunate fact that Qiuyan had broken out in one of her bout of rashes. Poor Qiuyan was rather glum, and having taken three different medication before dinner, she wasn’t quite her normal alert and chirpy self. She had no appetite (and those who know her know just how abnormal that is for her), and as the evening wore on, the effects of the drug became more and more pronounced. She brightened perceptibly for about 15-20 mins when the food arrived, and she even ate for a while with gusto! But through it all, it was an interesting experience.

I sat right beside her, and it felt almost like sitting beside a restless 2 year old. The poor girl couldn’t sit still for a minute. And despite my most valiant attempts to distract her from her misery, I think the evil hives won out. We still had many a funny moment though… partly due to her decreased ability at enunciation due to drowsiness or ‘being drugged’. At one point, she said “now my mouth tastes like garlic” and everybody at the table heard her say “now my mom tastes like garlic”. You can imagine what kind of reaction that got *grin*

Anyway, photos from today can be viewed here.


For fun, I decided to sort my songs in itunes by playcount. And the top 5 was a little interesting, if a little unexpected (this was just on my PC, not including lap-top or my ipod):

1. For Good (525)
2. Ave Verum Corpus (William Byrd) (446)
3. 童话 (247)
4. I Remember (228)
5. Anything Can Happen (158)

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