Another Day

Engineering Computer Lab
It has been 4 years since I’ve stepped into an engineering lab of any kind in UofT. In my undergrad years I used to know Galbraith and Sanford Fleming fairly well because I frequently met up with Zibin or Yinwei after their classes or went to look for them while they’re working in the computer labs. That was before the new Bahen building was completed.

Today, I got a chance to work in an engineering computer lab again, courtesy of Wanting. This time it was one of the comp labs in Bahen. I didn’t work for long though…*sheepish look* because er…it was not very quiet and…it didn’t smell very good. *sigh* Actually, it smelled of stale pespiration…and today was supposed to be one of the better days!

Spring on Elm Street

Crab-Apple Trees are in full bloom outside Elm Place, and boy are they stunning! I don’t know why I don’t remember seeing them in such splendour before…but this is the first time I noticed. And I think I stood beneath that particular tree in the photo for at least full 10 minutes admiring the canopy and taking pictures. Two men walked by while I was being trigger-happy and it was one of them who told me that this was a crab-apple tree. I’m so glad he came by. I’ve been super frustrated at taking pictures of all these gorgeous flowers and trees without knowing what they’re called!

I then crossed Elm Street to the small courtyard outside of the Michener Institute where a whole row of trees was blooming with soft pink flowers. I don’t know what trees these are *sigh*. But they’re pretty too. It’s just too bad that today there is no blue sky as a backdrop. I just love spring. More shots of these stunners can be viewed here.

“Murder” & Lobster Dinner @ Elm Place

Dinner tonight was at Elm Place. Edmund and Jessica had planned for a lobster dinner, and I was fortunate enough to get in on the action. Well…yah, real action. They were waiting for me to arrive before preparing dinner. And the first step of preparation was to kill the three lobsters. How? By slicing the live ‘uns right down the middle. I was armed with my camera and caught the whole process…but I wasn’t quite prepared for what was coming. When lobster number one was on the chopping board, Edmund was a little ‘rusty’ (and maybe the knife wasn’t sharp enough) so it wasn’t a very ‘clean kill’. There was plenty of crunching and er…’thrashing’. I swear I could hear ‘Les Poissons‘ (The Little Mermaid) playing in my head and I thought if Sebastian had met Edmund instead, he would have had no chance of survival… My stomach took a while to settle after the massacre, but I was never in doubt that I wanted to eat them. Just er…I’m thankful I wasn’t the one killing them.

But Edmund was philosophical about it…”I think you can better appreciate the animals’ sacrifice when you kill them yourselves. There’s more respect..” (not verbatim) Hmm…a chef, baker and philosopher, Ed? *ha ha*

Dinner was superb, of course. Everything was home-cooked and home-made…from the olive leaven bread, to the lobsters, even to dessert, which was vanilla-mango ice-cream which Edmund made with the vanilla essence I bought from Mexico! Hmm…I’m ordering a batch of vanilla ice-cream! And bread! I’m really looking forward to the next of these dinner sessions. (Oh and everything was just $10 per person for such an amazing dinner! Great, right?!)

Anyway…photos of the lobster dinner from preparation to dessert are available for viewing. But I should warn you that some of the photos are rather graphic, even if they were all very tastefully taken *ahem*. So if you’re up to it, come and see!


The violence in the kitchen reminded me of a blog entry made just over a year ago. Click here if you would like to revisit Les Poulets.


  1. Hello dear,

    Yes, spring is beautiful! Especially in Toronto :) Yes, I remember Elm Street having those pink flowers. Outside Wycliffe too, outside Trinity too. They were beautiful, I don’t know how many pictures I took. I know if I see them again, I will continue to trigger away on my camera :) I don’t know the names too, so I just call them “cherry blossoms” or “spring blossoms”. Haha.. Don’t fret about the names lah, just enjoy and admire :) And cherish…

  2. Ha ha really? Aiyoh…where was I all these years? Oh I know…busy with exams. Cos you lucky engineers always finish exams in April and get to enjoy the fantastic spring weather while this poor Arts & Science student had to slog until May! *boo hoo*

    I will enjoy and cherish…just that I realize there’s another huge gaping hole in my general knowledge *grin*

    Which was your favourite flower in Toronto ah?

  3. I really like Edmund’s philosophy. There is a direct relationship between Death and Dinner. And between Death and Knowledge, when we include animal experiments in the picture as well. It’s an ugly relationship, but there is really no reason to avoid the issue or say something that makes the picture look nicer than it really is. I think we show more respect to the creature when we acknowledge that whether it’s for dinner or knowledge, we are forcing the creature to make the ultimate sacrifice against its will.

    This is the very reason why, while I have very little stomach for blood, gore and violence, (as observed by my avoidance for horror movies and scenes of senseless violence) I have no problems with watching, talking about, and even taking part in certain activities that may appear violent and bloodthirsty. Like killing, conducting dissections, seeing disembowelled parts… that kind of thing.

    This is also why I can talk about the dispatching of a living organism with cold, professional detachment, just as long as there’s a purpose in the killing. I don’t think there’s anybody out there that really enjoys watching the final struggle to fight and keep alive, psychopaths and sociopaths not included; and no, despite everything I’ve said about being excited and all, I do NOT enjoy watching thrashing and struggling during a killing. But as long as the dispatcher did not intend to draw out the killing process, the sight of thrashing and struggling does not bother me.

    My two cents on killing. *nods* Violent? No way. Dispassionate? You bet.

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