“Blue skies smiling at me, nothing but blue skies do I see…”

Feeling rather fine right now despite the fact that we have no running water at home till 2p.m. :P My first night sleeping with the night-guard in my mouth went much smoother than I anticipated. It wasn’t uncomfortable at all. Woke up bright and early to blue skies both literally and figuratively.

A New God-Sister!
My mother told me last night that my cousin, Yi Mei, has asked her to be her God-Mother for her Confirmation this Sunday. It’s a pleasant surprise for me. Yi Mei’s the only cousin I have on my mom’s side of the family who grew up (and still is growing up :P) in Singapore. Have always had a bit of a soft spot for this cousin…and it’s really nice that she’s going to be my God-Sister. Hope this mean we’ll be a larger part of each other’s lives…now that I have an added responsibility as god-sister to guide and walk with her in her faith journey!

EditGrid for Wedding Registration
Quite a while ago, I had asked Hui Mei (informally, considering it was still so early on) if she would consider being i/c of registration for my wedding. I hadn’t expected her to start to do anything yet of course, considering that I still don’t have a firmed up guest-list or booked a venue yet. Imagine my surprise when I received an email from her, announcing the discovery (after a long search it seems) of a web-based real-time update spreadsheet program.

I quote her email:

EditGrid is essentially a web-based spreadsheet program. This one allows real time update (RTU). That is one particular feature I have been looking for, which separates it from the other web-based MExcel imitators I have found. Remember the words: Real Time Update.

Ordinarily, your guest list will likely be printed out from a MExcel program, and every person at the Registration booth will have one copy. They flip pages, highlight the names of people who have arrived. Every now and then, they’ll stop and compare notes, to make sure a particular guest isn’t marked absent in one list and present in another and so on.

Just imagine, if you will. Your guest list in an online spreadsheet. 2 or 3 people with laptops making changes to the list online. Since it’s Real Time Update, your Registation people are manipulating only one guest list.

Did I ask the right person to be registration i/c or what? *grin* Pretty cool, huh?

Cinderella Day Ahead
It’s going to be a day of errands. Return books to OISE/UT library, then come home and do some house-cleaning. A friend and two of her friends from Singapore are going to be staying the night at my place, that’s why. :P *ha ha*

Shiqi (the friend) was a law-exchange student in Toronto last year…another one of those people that I only got to know right before our time together in the same place was going to end. We met up again in Singapore for a memorable tea at Forster’s Café in Holland Village, during which she initiated a long and wonderful discussion about life, God, and faith. It’ll be nice to see her again in Toronto and do some catching up!


” Bluebirds singing a song, nothing but bluebirds all day long…”

~Committed to Bluer Skies~


  1. I sound like a smarmy salesperson in the email! How could you have put it up?!


    In the interest of friendship, you should have paraphrased me mah.

  2. And there were typos in my email! That’s the problem with writing emails 1 am in the morning.

    An extra h at “highlight”, an extra “only” in the last sentence, “guestlist” instead of the correct “guest list”.

    Ann, do me a favour please? Edit them away? If for no other reason but to preserve my “editor” reputation?

  3. ‘Smarmy’? *laughs* Are you saying that the way you write/talk is smarmy? Cos that’s pretty much how you write isn’t it? :P No lah…not smarmy lah.

    And honestly, when I was reading the email I did not notice any of the errors you pointed out. Just shows how I read text…I skim for the meaning :P But I’ve done the corrections you requested. So your reputation as editor is intact. Especially since you detected your own typos :P

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