Plant-Talk & 'A jaw like butter'

After a week-long online absence, ZB’s back online!!! Which means his corny sense of humour is once again making its presence felt on my blog (and a couple of others too :P). Seeing his comments on HJ and HM’s blog reminded me of the tofu debate I had with him last November (and how the commentators had no sympathy whatsovever for poor me).

Here’s a recent conversation we had, on the topic of…well, plants I guess. We were talking about one of my friends and a plant analogy she had come up with regarding her and her husband.

Me: Y said that she was like a flower. Bright and cheery, but delicate and easily trampled on. And that J (her husband) was like a cactus, very strong and no-nonsense. She thinks it’s good that they’re so different…cos the flower has the cactus to protect it. But she says sometimes she asks him to try and be ‘more like a flower’. Ha ha…can you imagine J’s face?!

ZB: Flower and cactus huh. So what kind of plant are you?

Me: Er…sunflower?

ZB: Can you guess what plant I am?

Me: You? No leh. Just tell me lah, I don’t want to guess.

ZB: Coconut tree.

Me: *grinning* Coconut tree? Ha ha…sounds apt. But what’s your reason?

ZB: Cos it’s so relaxed and carefree by the beach mah. And if anybody disturbs me, I can throw coconuts at them.

Me: *bursts out laughing and nearly drops the phone*


I spent TWO hours in the dentist’s chair this morning getting a new bite splint (for use at night only) adjusted. The bite splint was to serve double as a retainer for my bottom teeth and to prevent me from grinding my teeth when I sleep.

What I mostly heard were a few orders repeated over and over again in rapid succession. “Open please.” “Relax your jaw.” “Bite.” “Slide your teeth to the left.” “Slide your teeth to the right.” “Slide forward.” “Tut tut.” (to bite and release).

Each time I open my mouth, she puts in the bite splint, her assistant holds a couple of ‘coloured paper’ in place, I relax my jaw, and the dentist mechanically ‘hinges’ my jaw for me. I.e. she closes my jaw for me when I’m totally relaxed. This is supposed to produce the most ‘natural’ bite (supposedly we don’t usually have our bites in the ‘natural’ place). This entire process was repeated over and over for nearly an hour while she adjusted the bite splint. And inbetween ‘takes’, I would have a cotton roll tossed into my mouth to bite on to keep my jaw relaxed. Sometimes they threw it in so fast that I had to bite to ‘catch’ it before it went too far in.

She (my dentist) was very pleased with my pliancy and cooperation. Apparently I obey her orders very well and exactly in the way she wants it. However she was even more pleased at my ‘loose’ jaw. “Oh my God, your jaw is so easy to hinge! It’s like butter!” (spoken while she hinges my jaw open and close a few times ‘for fun’) She was mighty pleased. “Wow really…you’re like putty in my hands. Very nice!”

So there I lay on my back for 2 hours, completely at the mercy of a hinge-happy dentist who kept waxing lyrical about my ‘butter-like’ jaw because most patients’ are so tight she has to do it again and again with a lot of force to get it right. With me, apparently, it was effortless.

My dentist (who is a very professional, talented, innovative and extremely vivacious woman) loves her job. You can always feel it during a visit. She handles her tools like toys (and she has some really cool ones!) with child-like delight, and she’s a perfectionist (which is a wonderful thing to have in a dentist/orthodontist). Her enthusiasm was infectious, and I couldn’t help laughing and smiling along with her.

I have experienced being on ‘both sides of the chair’ so to speak… I’m not sure which amuses and intrigues me more. Being the patient, or playing the dentist. :P

~Committed to Bluer Skies~

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