Casa Loma

After eight years in Toronto, I finally decided to go and visit Casa Loma. How was it? Eh… I don’t really feel it was worth $12. Maybe I was not exactly impressed because I’ve visited grander castles and palaces in Europe. And the garden wasn’t yet in full bloom. Perhaps the fact that I wasn’t feeling 100% well today also detracted from the experience. Nevertheless, it was relatively entertaining. My most memorable experience this afternoon was walking the 800 ft long, relatively dark and freezing cold tunnel to get to the stables on the other end. Think all four of us (Shiqi, Ian, Xinmei and I) were glad we weren’t walking that alone.


  1. I like the hidden stairs behind the bookshelf in the study that leads to the cellar. Always had a thing for hidden tunnels, entrances and exits. I wonder if that’s why I liked AVA stuff and doing backstage work for performances back in sec school and jc days. :)

  2. I went to Casa Loma in my last year too, with my friend K. I thought it was quite ok actually. Heh. Maybe I wasn’t expecting much from the trip. It seemed like some place “I should go since I’m here anyway” that kind of thing. Coincidentally I was not feeling well that same day that I went too. But the skies were blue, blossoms were in bloom, and the pictures I took that day turned out pretty awesome :)

  3. metwin1: yes, I forgot to mention that staircase, I thought it was pretty cool too! as well as the staircase from behind a wall-panel that leads upstairs to the upper-level.

    meclone2: if only that lone person wasn’t in the picture :P but thanks!

    YW: I also went cos I thought I ‘should’, since I’m in Toronto and all. No regrets there. :)

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