Wayfarer's Fare

Zibin insisted I post a pic of my dinner tonight, so here it is. :| Ha ha…ah well…maybe it’s his way of encouraging me to eat…or to cook proper meals for myself again.

These are giant scallops I got from St. Lawrence Market yesterday afternoon. Minimal work required, and they were delicious. Ended up only eating two of the four…guess I know what’s for lunch tomorrow! :P


Update: Photos from Egg-tart making session on Tuesday.


  1. haha Very nice sear on them scallops. What’s the side salad? :P And I just have to say this, not stealing your thunder or anything, but my croissants TOTALLY KICK ASS OUT FRESH OUT OF THE OVEN!!!!!! Too bad every1 else is asleep now… biting into them I’m sure is better than a bong hit..oh yeah!!!!!!!!!1

  2. The reason why I wanted you to blog about it, other than the fact that I wanted to encourage you to cook more decent meals for yourself, is also look at your culinary skills. The pic was very well taken, and I will be waiting patiently till I drive up to Toronto from Cornell to enjoy a simple dinner cooked by you! I will definitely give the roast meat stuff a miss for your dinner! But then again… Hee Hee…

  3. Edmund:
    The side salad’s spinach, asparagus, mushroom and cherry tomatoes. And *lol* your croissants sound heavenly. Can’t wait to try them later!…I sure hope you didn’t actually made them er…’special’ croissants. :P

    Got a whole list of stuff to make for you liao lah. Anyway you’ve got a lifetime to try…ha ha. And hor, you want to look at my culinary skills don’t need to ask me to post a pic on my blog you know…like that a lot more people can see u noe. Pai seh one leh. Lucky this one looks not bad :P Even got stamp of approval from Edmund! Ha ha.

  4. Yummmy yum! Your scallops look really appetizing dear. It’s a pity you only ate two…now where’s the good ‘ol Ann I know? The one who’s always thinking of A-B-B-C. Come on…I want to see my old friend back again. =)


  5. Ha ha…dearest Zhen… *hugs back*

    I’m still here…my stomach just seems to have gone on a brief vacation, but it is beginning to return to normal duties. I think that by the time I see you in Singapore, my appetite should be back to normal (which, please remember, is still not at the same level as A-B-B-C days when I could eat FOUR meals a day ok! so don’t force me to eat too much!).

  6. A-B-B-C? What’s that? Sound like some Da Vinci Code or something, but being an engineer, I prefer 1-2-2-3. And yes, Ann, by the time you are back in Singapore, your makan regime would have started. I will link up with John to work out your daily training schedule, and we will see how we can bring back the rosy cheeks… :P

  7. A-B-B-C is code for F-O-O-D. In secondary school it was a running joke among my friends how much I thought about food and how much I ate. :) Can’t remember how it became a code…I wasn’t the one who made it up. But I remember being frequently enticed away from whatever I was busy with by promises of A-B-B-C. *smile*

    Eh, somehow I don’t trust you and John’s ‘regime’ to ‘bring back the rosy cheeks’. Why do I get the feeling it has more to do with painting my face than making sure I have adequate nutrition? :P

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