I’m usually someone that has trouble sleeping when my mind or heart is occupied. Back in mugging days (as a student, not as a robber), I have to be careful not to ‘over-stimulate’ my brain, or else I’d have problems falling asleep, or have nightmares. Back in even younger days, I used to have trouble falling asleep the night before a trip, or even the night before my birthday. Too excited lah…

Nowadays, when I am stressed or troubled, sleep is usually the first thing that is sacrificed. Unfortunately, I seem to be able to survive on very little sleep. I am always envious of friends who seem to be able to sleep no matter how stressed they are.

Now for something interesting. For some reason, this is the third consecutive night that I will hit the sack before 11p.m. Maybe the sleep-debt is catching up with me. Maybe it’s a physical indication that some aspect of me is becoming more relaxed. I Just know that for the third night running, I am physically unable to stay awake for another hour.


Forward, always forward…
Onward, always up…
Catching every drop of hope
In my empty cup


  1. We have been together 7 years…how come this is the first time you made this offer?! Cannot teach one lah…up to me to learn on my own. :P

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