Just got back from dinner. Don’t bother going to Queen’s Mum ever.  Dinner with 20 philosophers was…interesting. But everytime I spend social time with this group (i.e. the non-Singaporean community of my Toronto existence), I am struck by how alien I feel despite the fact that there is much I can talk about with them. It seems the longer I stay in Toronto, the more I feel a closer connection with the Singaporean community. I don’t know why. I feel very different about this from when I first came over in 1998.


Found out from my supervisor (to my surprise) that OISE/UT’s Dean had attended my presentation (I didn’t recognize her). Fortunately, she had positive things to say about my presentation. It’s quite a relief actually…I didn’t actually feel very prepared or certain when answering questions that day. I’m really glad I didn’t know the Dean was there. Ah well.


I don’t know when it happened, but I think I pulled something or slightly sprained my left ankle yesterday. Been limping more as the day wore on. :|


  1. Congratulations, not for spraining your left ankle, but for doing a good job at the presentation. At least good enough for positive comments from the Dean. I guess the only time I got positive comments from any senior fella in the schools I attended must be when I graduated -good riddance :) Anyway, take care of your foot there…

  2. Zibin:
    Foot should be fine…as a good friend of mine likes to say, 死不了. *heh* But it still hurts when I walk, which gives me a perfect reason to stay in my a/c apartment on another sweltering day today *muahahaha*

    Food was blah. I had my first Laotian dish ever and…ech. Tried somebody’s Pad Thai and it was also ech. They also served western food there, dunno if it’s any better. Ech.

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