It’s HOOOOOOOOOOT in Toronto! *gasps* Ok, so right now I’m cooling my heels in my comfortably air-conditioned bedroom and sipping a tall glass of deliciously cold Second Cup Earl Grey. I know I’m better off than many of my Torontonian friends who are baking in their apartments (especially those with west-facing apartments). :P

I was out on the streets earlier though, and it was sweltering. I was perspiring like crazy under my hat. At one point on Bay St., I thought of Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West as she melted. It was blazing hot today when I had to walk in the city while we had to freeze our butts off at High Park last Monday. The weather here has a sense of humour. Well, summer seems to have arrived after a rather iffy spring. Hmm. We had an iffy winter, and a rather iffy spring…wonder what summer would be like. Then again, I don’t have to worry about that until August. Meanwhile I’ll be melting in Singapore. *heh*


Finally handed in my comprehensive exams. Had all 60 pgs or so of it nicely printed and bound for my two profs. Am wondering now why I didn’t bind another copy for myself. Afterall, it does represent a very significant milestone in my degree. Ah well, could always bind another even better looking one (i.e. better binding) for myself. *self-indulgent grin*

Bought another two Nouwen books from Indigo today…I’m a bit on a Nouwen binge purchase-wise, though I’m digesting them really slowly. But since mom’s also a Nouwen fan, I figured there’s no harm in adding to my Nouwen library. Oh, and when I was lining up at the cashier in Dominions, I bought the first new Archies comic book in a really looong time. Heh. Not going to buy anymore I think…not sure what to do with my Archies collection when I leave Toronto next year. Sell? Give? Any Archies fans out there? Or John, are you going to ask me to keep them intact in case you come back here to study? *pained look*

Eh, wish I didn’t have to go out again today. But have a ‘Philosophers’ and Friends of Philosophers’ Dinner‘ to go to at 7:30p.m. at Queen’s Mother Café (Queen & St. Patrick Sts). Funny name huh? It’s basically a group of philosophy of education profs and grad students from around Canada who are in town for the CSSE (Canadian Society for the Studiy of Education) conference having dinner. I’m very happy they picked a restaurant so close to my home. Incidentally, my presentation on Saturday went rather alright…especially considering I had all of just 2 practice runs. Fortunately it was a paper I had presented before at last year’s GSCOPE in New York. I’m just happy to have that over with. (They asked me really hard questions!)

Think I’ll chill a bit…maybe take a nap before dinner. After my fiasco of a 4.5 hr nap yesterday evening, I only fell back asleep at 4a.m. and woke up at 8:30a.m. Zai hor? :P


  1. haha, my mum will be happy to know that it’s warm over there. Their tour will take them to toronto in a couple of days. and then montreal and quebec before they reach boston on sunday. =)

  2. Meow:
    Your parents are going to be in Toronto this week? :) Since they’re on a tour I guess I won’t be seeing them. It’ll be raining next couple of days, but it definitely won’t be cold. ‘Warm’ is an understatement for today. It was 33 deg, with humidex it was 46!

    Easy for you to say…you’ve got possibly a 独一无二 internal thermostat that keeps you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold. *sniff*

  3. Sigh, it’s all your fault lah; you shouldn’t have used the word “bake” in relation to those living in 222 Elm. Considering Edmund’s hobby, I am now having some rather *interesting* images in my mind right now.

  4. meclone2:

    Actually, the word ‘baked’ was more inclusive than just those living in 222 Elm. They are a subset. I am ‘kind’ enough to include all those living at Elm Place, though I think those with west-side facing apts in 222 get the worst of the heat.

    The baker being baked. Poetic justice? :P

  5. haha yes…I baked while being baked using the baking oven inside this baking oven of an apartment. Though I didn’t get baked in the narcotic-sense though.

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