A Gift of Bergamot

No pictures. No names. Because apparently, I had given my word to hold my peace…*heh*

I received 100 teabags today. This is the second time in my life that I’ve received so much tea at one go as a gift. The last time was in January 1999 when Zibin bought me 5 boxes (of 25 teabags each) of Lipton tea when Weizhen told him I had asked her to help me get tea from Chinatown. I had been too sick to accompany Weizhen downtown from Scarborough to visit Yinwei. I was amazed then… how much tea did the guy think I drank a day?! *ha ha* But it was a very sweet memory. And I remember Weizhen being bowled over by my ‘kor’s kindness and generosity back then.

Well, I’m no less pleased with the tea I received today. Seldom do I receive a gift that I truly enjoy for its own sake… and even better, one that I can share with my loved ones in Singapore. A well-thought gift indeed. It’s certainly one that will go down in memory. And not least because of the unique words I received when I accepted it. *grin*

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