Age Issues

Issue #1: Aches & Pain
Had a conversation yesterday that reminded me of the time I went through an ergonomic phase. Before John left me his PC, I used my laptop all the time. In my final undergrad year, I started having more chronic muscle tension in my neck, shoulder and back. So I decided to buy a monitor raiser, keyboard and mouse tray and external keyboard and mouse. I thought back then quite resignedly that it was an age-related thing…because all those prior years I never had problems. Yesterday I realized that I was 23 back then when I thought I was getting old. *wry* Now I think 23 is young. It’s all relative, eh?

Issue #2: Closing the Gap
Wanting was talking to me about Calvin’s brother, Jason. And she was telling me about how cute (as in 可爱) he was, and how she felt older than him but that he was her age. After she talked about him a while more, I ended up responding with interest, ” Really? And he’s our age?” There was silence for a brief moment as Wanting looked at me. Then I burst out laughing when I realized I had said ‘our age’. I had in that moment forgotten that Wanting and I were 4 years apart.

It’s funny because I had recently been reflecting on how with a couple of my friends here in Toronto, I had felt the age-gap shrinking. It’s such that I’ve been thinking of them as less of a junior, and more and more just as a friend and peer, age not withstanding. Wanting is one of them. But I didn’t realize just how much I had stopped thinking about our age difference till today when I made that slip. Ting, if it makes any difference to you, I was probably bringing myself down to your age rather than pulling you up to mine :P


Congrats to Wanting for receiving her first job offer today! :)

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