Friday Noon Musings

Yuandong’s back in Toronto. And the noise level at home has definitely increased. Makes me think of how John’s been saying that he looks forward to me returning home and ‘increasing the surrounding noise level by a few decibels’. I egg him on, just like Yuandong eggs Wanting on. Wanting was so happy about Yuandong returning yesterday that she forgot about her driving lesson! *ha ha* So cute.

Exciting Time for Ting
This past week has been an exciting time for Wanting. After a long period of waiting, there’s a flurry of job interviews (she’s having a third one next Tuesday) and even a job offer so far. She’s met Calvin’s brother and they get along famously. And, she just found out that Calvin’s mom is flying into Toronto tomorrow to attend the fashion show (Jason’s design is in the finals). She’s excited and a little nervous about meeting Calvin’s mom at last. These few days, Wanting has been so chirpy and happy, that I’m feeling very happy for her.

A Friend At Home
Know one thing I’m happy about lately? After such a long time (3 years?), Wanting and I finally get to spend (relatively) more quality time together. Now that classes and exams are over, I get to see her more during the day. At the back of my mind I wonder if this may be the last time we are living in the same apartment, and so it has been great spending this time with her.

Looking back these three years, we have both changed quite a bit. And it shows in the way we talk to each other. I started off seeing her as a younger sister/friend, someone to hang out with, maybe give advice to, and dote upon. Things have evolved. This has become a very unique friendship *muses*. We are very different in very fundamental ways (a topic we’d been talking quite a lot about recently). But I think our friendship has taught us to see the world and people in different ways, just by observing each other.

Of late, she’s been a wonderful source of comfort. She’s been looking out for me a lot and taking care of me in her own way. Thank you, Ting. :)

Johnny Boy
Yah. That darling babee brudder of mine that’s a baby no longer. Even when we were younger, at times he’ll take on a ‘big brotherly’ type tone with me. And it never fails to amuse me. Today it happened again on MSN. He said, “dear i sign out first… talk to cathy…. later then tok to u okie?” He doesn’t call me ‘dear’ often. It’s usually ‘jie jie’ or some other very non-flattering nickname that he comes up for me. Dunno why but when he ‘dear’s me, it makes me suddenly feel like a little girl. :P

Wedding Music Part I Accomplished
Yesterday was an important milestone for my wedding planning. I found my music coordinator and organist for the Wedding Mass. It is none other than my old friend Meow! Oops. I mean Mary-Ann. *grin* This woman’s been playing the organ in church since goodness knows when (secondary school? even younger?). She’s good, she’s experienced, and she’s super well-connected. She’s efficient and organized and extremely resourceful too. Erm… hey Mar, have I buttered you up sufficiently to ensure a resounding success for my wedding? *lol* Seriously though, I am very happy and grateful that she accepted my invitation. And since she’s friends with both me and John (whom she’s terrorized since his little boy days), it is doubly poignant that she will be playing for both our weddings (which is basically the same one).

I still have music for the lunch reception and banquet to take care of. I haven’t made any ‘formal’ requests yet, but I have a couple of people in mind to ask… one thing at a time, eh?

My Mother the ‘Personal Assistant’
Nobody seems to be more concerned about how well-organized my time in Singapore will be than my mother. She has been constantly reminding me of the barrage of things I need to take care of. She’s a little worried that I’ll be so busy meeting friends that I won’t have time to take care of wedding business. But at the same time she knows how important it is to me to meet up with my friends after such a long time away. It’s kind of funny to talk to her about it… Mom, relax ok… I promise I won’t neglect what I have to do.

My mom’s amazing. She is so involved in helping with my wedding plans that she has created an excel spreadsheet on which to compile the guest-list for all three receptions (combined lunch; ZB & Ann Dinner; John & Cathy Dinner). :P

‘Just Do It’
You know the joke about philosophers and how they never get anything done because they never get over thinking about all the various arguments whether or not to do something? I’m not quite that bad, but yah, sometimes I mull over things a lot… and sometimes that paralyzes me.

Sometimes though, I ‘live a little’ and do something that I have been wanting to do, especially when I am reasonably sure that it isn’t something that I would regret. In recent weeks, I have been spending a lot of time thinking about all the things I cannot do. It would be nice if I could at times recognize things that I can do, and then do it. It feels nice. Even if it’s something as small as saying ‘hey’ to someone. :)


  1. My chubbs, ever the economist, says, “Tell Moo-moo no need to butter up! Ang pow big big can already” AIYOH….

  2. *laughs* Well, sure… but tell him the philosopher says that ‘big big’ is relative. *grin*

    The engineer is currently on his way to Salt Lake City, Utah, so dunno what response he’ll have. :P

  3. Hi!

    Haha, yeah it’s been a long time since I have been reading blogs. Thanks a lot for your well-wishes!

    Enjoy your time in Singapore, (We went to Matahari to try SEA food, but you can eat the real ones heh.) and keep your eyes ahead. =)

  4. Ha ha hi Ting!

    Yeah, had poh piah for lunch and braised duck rice for dinner today. Good stuff still not here yet… I want kueh tu tu!!! :P

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