"A Disgrace to All Insects"

This is funny. I have to share it.

Wanting and I were having lunch at the Sushi & BBQ place on Dundas & McCaul. We were sitting at the window, happily eating and chatting while watching people and cars go by. We joked about being live advertisements because passers-by frequently peered in to look at what we were eating. At one point I considered giving the thumbs-up to the next person who peers at our lunch. Anyway…there was a fly that began to bug us. Wanting seemed to pay more attention to it than I did. Then…

WT: This is such a stupid fly!

Me: (Thinking it’s because it refuses to budge when she had been trying to shoo it) Yah, flies here are very slow. You can kill it easily.

WT: No, no. I mean it’s really stupid. It can’t even fly properly! It was flying then it ‘fell’ and landed on its back! And it couldn’t get back on its feet, until just now. I can’t believe how stupid it is.

Me: *looking with amusement at the fat fly on the window sill* Really? Ok, that really is ridiculous. I can understand why you say it’s stupid. Ha ha.

As we walked out of the restaurant towards Kensington Market, we were still talking about the stupid fly that fell on its back. And Wanting’s final shot was, “It’s not just stupid you know. It’s a disgrace to all insects!”


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  1. Ahh…Wanting….a person after my own heart. =) Methinks I would have said something similar.

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