Off to Jakarta!

Alright, it’s off to Indonesia for the weekend! Good food, cheap shopping, funny relatives (when I say my corniness runs in the family, it’s from my mom’s side of the family) and air pollution. *grin*

Last night I asked my mom innocently, “Is there a computer and internet connection at grandma’s place?” And mom doubled over in laughter so hard that she couldn’t stand straight! Apparently my also very visual mother couldn’t help laughing at the image of my completely computer illiterate grandmother clicking/typing away in front of the PC.

I got the last laugh though. Cos mom later remembered that her youngest cousin who is a computer-whiz (no kidding) lives with my grandmother. And so not only is there likely to be a computer and internet connection, there probably will be some really cool high-tech stuff in the house! :P Still, I may not have time to do much with it, since it really sounds like this is going to be an eating/shopping/chatting trip. :)

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