Viewing Photos with Johnny

John came into my room, plonked himself in front of my computer and asked to view photos from January – June 2006. So we did… a walk down memory lane for me, one I was glad to take with John though, because with his commentary, anything could become funny. Here are a few random snippets from our photo-viewing session:

John: Let me see photos of Ah Dong! … Ha ha he looks so funny!…

John: The sky in Toronto is really beautiful. We don’t get weather like that here…
Me: Mhmm. *wistful* Yah.

John: Jie, you can send some of these pics to those nature shot places.
Me: Issit. Not so good lah.
John: Very nice what. Cathy loves your flower pics. Especially those of the tulips… it’s her favourite flower. When she saw the ones you took from the Tulip Festival last year, she was like *imitating Cathy’s voice* “Eeee! I want that one!!!”
Me: *laughs* So cute. [Btw, John does uncanny impersonation of voices. Especially female ones…much to my chagrin at times because his impersonations of me are *not* flattering.]

John: (Looking at the MSSA Games Day photos) *wistfully* You all look like you had a lot of fun.
Me: *smiling at the pictures and recollecting the fun of that day* Yah, we did.
John: *sigh* Too bad I’m not there anymore.

John: Jie, you’re looking pretty subdued. Miss Toronto issit?
Me: Yah.
John: *puts arm around my shoulder* You’re going to have a hard time leaving Toronto huh. I felt like that too when I had to leave Toronto for good… *pause* *changes tone to corny one* And don’t come and hao lian to me now about how many more years you’ve been in Toronto than me ok!
Me: I wasn’t going to say that lah. *slight smile* Yah, I’ll be sad to leave Toronto. But I don’t think I want to live there either. It’s different, living there for good. And most of my friends and family are in Singapore.
John: Yah, understand. Same here. I want to bring up my kids in Singapore… don’t want them to become bananas.
Me: *nods* Yeah…

John: Jie, you’re going to become a full believer by tonight.
Me: *puzzled* Huh?
John: You’re looping ‘I Believe In You’ mah. Brainwashing you know?
Me: WL.

John: WL. So many photos of food. And so many different angles of the same thing some more. You know in soccer they take different angle shots of the same goal. You macam do the same thing for food. It’s like “come little scallop, let me take another photo from a different angle ok?”
Me: *swats John on the arm*

John: *starts sniggering after ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ comes on*
Me: What’s so funny?
John: The lyrics lor. “When you walk through a storm hold your head up high.” So you can get struck by lightning issit?
John: Or maybe they should say, hold your head up high, just as long as lower than your friend can liao so it’s your friend that will get struck by lightning.
Me: John!
John: See the lyrics is all about tricking your friend to hold his head higher than yours so you’ll be safe from lightning. *smug look*
Me: WL… it’s a nice song ok. You mean you don’t recognize it?
John: Should I?
Me: It’s the Liverpool song what. You told me about it last time one!
John: *listens* Oh… yah lah. But I never listen to such a ‘scary’ (operatic) version before. Besides, I’m not Liverpool fan you know!

John: (viewing the photos I took of Zonghan 2 days ago) So sad hor. The first photos you took after coming back to Singapore is of Zonghan and not of your brother.
Me: *laughs* Aiyah you ah.
John: No really… it’s like *mimics my gushy voice* “Ooh, Zonghan is soo cute! He can do this! He can do that!* Your brother not as important as Zonghan anymore… *looks forlorn* Just because I don’t shake my head at you when you ask me to do stuff (I had told him that Zonghan kept shaking his head at me that day).
Me: *sigh* John… *puts my hand firmly on his head*
John: Heh heh.


On John’s blog:

Mah Big Sista’s back in town! yeah man…

ok well this is like 3 days belated sorry but it ain’t my fault. for prompt news live updates in singapore let me redirect u to :)

ok. jokes aside… am so happy to see that chatterbox back home safely. my sis never fails to liven up our home with her presence when she is back. after all these years i guess i realize that her noisy chatter is actually music to my ears….

He’s got a funny way of being sweet, that brother of mine. *wry grin*


Incidentally, I was ambushed earlier today by both mom and John who pushed me down on the bed and pummelled/tickled me for my seeming relative lack of enthusiasm to go out with them as compared to my visit to Zonghan.

*pleading voice* It’s getting old, people… that was just *one* visit and I do not favour Yinwei and Zonghan over my own family!!!! But if you guys keep this up… :P [I am so asking for it]

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