Back Again

I’m back! Second time in a week *heh*. Have seen, heard, tasted, thought and felt a lot of things in the last two days…probably way too many things to put on my blog. But I still wish to put up some highlights. Just er… not tonight, cos I’m too tired and I have tons of catching up with Zibin to do.


Everytime Zibin and I meet again after months apart, we look and sound different to each other for a while. It gets better each time. Initially when we first started the long distance thing, we looked and sounded so weird to each other that we felt a little awkward for the first 10-15mins or so after meeting again. Today, my dearest other-half unceremoniously and cheekily quipped 3 mins after seeing me again, “Eh, stop talking in your Bugs Bunny voice!” (…)

Sitting across from mom and John who were engrossed in conversation at the BK in Changi Airport, I jokingly asked Zibin, “Hey, how come you don’t seem like you miss me a lot this time?” His romantic reply? “Of course I miss you lah. But now got a lot of people. Must act cool a bit mah.”

It’s really endearing in a way how we’re becoming more 老夫老妻 in such funny ways.


Zibin just finished his shower (during which I had time to write this post). He has announced, ” OK I’m done. Now you must finish your blogging in the next 5 seconds or else I will self-destruct.”

It’s past 5 seconds. He’s still around. :P Off I go to make sure he stays that way. Will update more on my Indonesia trip when next I’m free!

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