Wedding Sound Bites

Much of my time now is spent thinking/discussing/researching wedding related matters. What I didn’t expect though is to have wedding related conversations ‘during’ an MSSA committee meeting. Here are some sound bites I received this evening when I met with Li Ning, Jing Jing, Hui Xuan and Kenneth (Lai). These are not verbatim, but the spirit should be accurate.

Hui Xuan (right upon seeing me): “Wah, Ann is shopping for wedding gowns now very different ah. Wear until so sweet and feminine now. Very 有女人味 hor.” [Admittedly I was in white and pink and wearing a flare skirt today. Not my usual dress mode :P]

Hui Xuan (again): “Ann, I think I’ll be laughing very hard on your wedding day.”
Hui Xuan: “Because I can’t picture you in a wedding gown all sweet and feminine!”
Me:“Wl. That’s very sad for me lor.”
Kenneth:“But it’s true leh. I also cannot imagine you in a wedding gown.”
Me:“You too?! Why?”
Kenneth:“Because the first time I met you, you were in t-shirt and jeans.”
Me:“Er, Kenneth. I’m pretty sure at one point or another, all brides have worn t-shirt and jeans.”
Kenneth:“Yah, but still…”
Me: *resigned sigh*

Jing Jing:“Hey Ann ah, do you need any MSSA volunteers to help with your wedding? No need to pay ang pow one?”
Me: *wilfully misunderstanding* “Orh… are you saying you want to volunteer to help but don’t plan on attending?”
Jing Jing: “Er… ow!” *makes action like stabbing her own heart*


Tonight I finally got to have a substantial discussion about my wedding with Zibin, and then later with Zibin and my mom together. I don’t wish to give away too much this early, but now I’m really looking forward to planning my wedding day because Zibin came up with some funky and cool ideas. *grin* He’s brilliant. *shamelessly beaming*


  1. You lucky gal, to have a hubby who actually comes up with those wacky ideas. Me? All kena shot down by hubby…. sigh….

  2. Aw come on… Davin balances you off well mah. Besides, your wedding was pretty funky too! What with your cousins’ performance during the dinner…and btw I loved that you sang for your hubby. I think there were many teary eyes! :P

    I had some ideas, but may not satisfy his parents’ requirements. So Zibin came up with another funky idea which he thinks his parents will be ok with. Still need to check. :)

  3. I’ve been “tamed” to say the least. As for the singin, to quote my sisters “Aiyoh, Daddy and Mummy were crying buckets”. Surprisingly, my mum was beaming the whole day and it was my dad who was mopey, esp in the morning. =P

    Anyway, just let me know if you need extra help with the monkey business. Can teach you a few steps to salsa your way into the ballroom. Hee ;)

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