Congratulations to my 1/2 & 1/2 'sibling'!

I was in the midst of checking out the grand ballroom of Orchard Hotel with my mom and fielding calls from John and Cathy. Suddenly, an anonymous (no caller ID) call comes in.

Unknown Caller:“Hi!”
Me:*hesitates while trying to place the voice* “Hi…”
Unknown Caller:*even more enthusiastically*”Heh heh! HI!!!”
Me:*puzzled, still unable to identify the familiar voice* *hesitates* “Weizhen?”
Unknown Caller:“No lah! It’s me, Wanting!”
Me:*surprised and delighted* “Wanting! Hi!!!”
WT:“Wanted to tell you, I got the HBC job! I’m going to sign tomorrow.”
Me:*grinning from ear to ear* “Wow! Congratulations! I’m so happy for you!”

Truly. I’m so happy for Ting. And I’m so proud of her. For the last year I’ve watched from the side while she embarked on the job search process… sending out resumes, attending workshops and events, doing research on the internet… I’ve seen how hard it has been, and how discouraging it was when one after another company turned her down upon finding out she was an international student. But she kept on it.

It’s taken more than 8 months, but her efforts have paid off. And now she’s gotten a job which she wanted (though the employee discount of 15% is less than what she had hoped for :P). Her landing the job is only part of why I’m so happy for her. Through the entire process, she’s grown and matured in many new ways and I’m glad to have been around to witness and share in it.

Ting, I know you will have a wonderful time with your family and Calvin in Toronto. Play and enjoy to your heart’s content. I think you certainly deserve it! :D

NB: Explanation for the title. Once several months ago, I told Yuandong that I see Wanting as ‘半个妹妹’. Wanting jokingly quipped, ‘只有一半是妹妹, 另一半是弟弟’. That stuck in my mind. So yep, she’s my 1/2 & 1/2 ‘sibling’ from Toronto! :P

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