Indonesia Bagus Part II: Bridal Fantasy

The main purpose for my Indonesia trip was to take a look at the wedding stuff they have available over there. Wedding gowns, dresses for flower girls/bridesmaids, accessories, invitations, wedding favours etc.

It’s a fantasy-land wedding-wise. The sheer variety and beauty of what’s available is impossible to describe, and so much more than what is available in Singapore. We saw adorable dresses for flower girls and some beautiful accessories. Two very pretty flower girl baskets cost all of SGD$8 for both.

The highlight for me though was a trip to JJ Bride where I tried on the most beautiful, elaborate and elegant wedding gowns I’ve ever set eyes on. There was a VIP room for me to try the gowns on. The changing area was an intricately designed dais the size of a bedroom, with the far wall being a giant mirror. What’s more? I had a valet – someone to help me get changed! She would arrange the gown on the floor for me so that all I had to do was step into it and pull it up. She did everything else. Then, she would ask me to stand at a particular location on the dais, arrange the train etc, and draw back the curtains to the dais so that my mom would get the full effect of the gown, both front and back (due to the giant mirror).

I tried on at least 9 wedding gowns, all of very different styles from each other. And all of them were gorgeous. There was one in particular that was a bridal fantasy. Even I who never felt particularly feminine, let alone pretty, could not help feeling like a princess in it. The elaborately embroidered train filled almost the entire dais. That gown was made for a wedding in no less than a cathedral! It had been designed for a fashion shoot and had never been worn before. It was breath-taking. When I wore it, I felt as if all my childhood romantic fantasies about princesses (and I was a very romantic little girl) came rushing back and were fulfilled forever more.

The gowns were so lovely that I could tell my mom was quite keen on considering renting one of them for my wedding. But I decided otherwise. It’s not practical, and not really necessary afterall. Besides, I felt that all the gowns were way more beautiful and elaborate than an ordinary Singapore wedding warrants. (In Indonesia, weddings are much grander affairs than what we have in Singapore.) And honestly, I am already very happy just having had the experience of trying them on in such an exquisite setting.


Cathy and I went to Divine Couture to try their gowns today. We both preferred the gowns we had taken a liking to at Silhouette. And frankly, trying the gowns today was a very underwhelming experience after the paradise of JJ Bride. I don’t think I’ll ever see so many gorgeous ready-to-wear bridal gowns in my gown-hunt again. :P

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