ZB + John + Wedding Planning = ?

Last night John, Zibin and I were lazing in my bedroom and discussing how we might want to do the church wedding. How many sword-bearers? What rank? (cannot be higher than full Lt because that would be John’s rank) From Army as well as Air-Force? Etc etc.

We were just bandying ideas back and forth and I happened to ask if the sword bearers would be in formation when the grooms made their way to the altar (to wait for the brides).

ZB:*indignantly* Why would the grooms walk down the aisle? Together some more? So funny one.”
John:Yah lor. Later people think it’s a gay marriage.”
ZB:A gay military wedding!”

Ok, so I conceded the point. I wasn’t really thinking :P Then we were discussing the sword-bearers. John’s sword-bearers would be wearing berets (Guards wear khaki berets), Zibin’s would be wearing peak caps. I was trying to picture how that would look.

Me:“So how would they stand? Are we interspersing the berets and the peak caps?”
ZB:“Si mi ‘intersperse’? Sounds like you want to cross-pollinate them or something, damn gay you know.”
John:*grins approvingly*
Me:“What’s wrong with the word? Correct what.”
ZB:“Use ‘alternate’ lah. Less controversial.”

Somehow, I frequently find myself in situations where my words are nit-picked. Either my words are superfluous (such as when I once commented ‘aloud’ that a concert recording was ‘live’), or they are insufficiently ‘heterosexual’. Tsk. People can be so hard to please! :P


Went to check out a couple of wedding photographers and videographers. It was Chris Ling and Avenue 8 today. I wasn’t impressed with the photographs, but the video from Chris Ling was pretty good. Actually, I found my eyes getting wet at certain moments captured in the video, and these are complete strangers! Is there any way to guarantee that I won’t bawl my eyes out at my own wedding? It’s so terrible cos it’s also going to be John’s wedding, and that means I have double the ‘incentive’ to cry! *sniff*

Cathy recommended greymatter photography and from the looks of the portfolio, it is much more to our tastes. Have yet to make appointment though.

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