'Tornado' Ann

‘Busy’ doesn’t quite begin to describe how I’ve been lately. But yep, I always have time to blog. Probably because I write fast when it comes to my blog (if only I write at this speed and efficiency for my thesis!). So many interesting things happen in my life though…things people say, do, my own reflections… I never seem to run out of material to blog! It’s just that now I can only blog during the very rare moments when I’m alone.

Since I got back from Jakarta, my days have been packed with appointments – an average of three to four appointments a day. Checking out hotels, meeting photographers, trying on wedding gowns. This week alone, I’ve gotten three separate smses from close friends who asked if I could meet them for lunch, and I have had to turn them all down regretfully because I didn’t have time. But we’ll meet, I promise! I just need more advance notice… impromptu meetings are next to impossible this summer.

A friend commented that the term ‘social butterfly’ doesn’t seem to do justice to me because I’m moving way faster than a butterfly. I told Weizhen that today when she commented on how busy I was, and she said, “You’re more like a tornado these days.” *laughs* Kinda apt :P

I just wanted to thank my dear, sweet friends for being so understanding. You must know that I wish to meet you badly too… how I long for leisurely chats and catching up to find out everything that has been going on in your lives. *smile* But no matter how little or much I get to see you girls this summer, must never doubt that I miss you too ok? Any sms, phone-call or e-mail from you puts a big smile on my face. *BIG HUG*

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