'Brokeback' MSN-style

Kungfumaster says: hey i just sent you email
Animann [Helianthus Blueskies] | says: how come i’m online? i don’t see myself online leh.
Kungfuhamster says: you so are. u dun even have ur bz sign on!
Animann [Helianthus Blueskies] | says:
wl… i think it must windows msgr cos my msn msgr is not signed in! and i don’t see my online icon
Kungfuhamster says: u put it to default sign in right? so it will pop up imm once the comp is on
Animann [Helianthus Blueskies] | says: er i never use window msgr leh
Kungfuhamster says: i dunno liao, see if anyone else msg u. or do we just have a special bond
Animann [Helianthus Blueskies] | says: ha ha nobody else msg me
Kungfuhamster says: like gay-bondhahahhaa
Animann [Helianthus Blueskies] | says: ha ha ha u read my blog?
Kungfuhamster says: oh yeah. daily.
Kungfuhamster says: when i laugh too much davin comes over and mutters something after reading it. or grunts.
Animann [Helianthus Blueskies] | says: aiyah let me switch to the windows live msgr (msn msgr). like the interface better


Kungfuhamster says: ok now?
Animann [Helianthus Blueskies] | says: er want to know something scary? once i switch over to msn msgr, i’m being bombarded by msgs. just now only you msg me
Kungfuhamster says: hahahh how come?
Animann [Helianthus Blueskies] | says: maybe we really got gay bond
Kungfuhamster says: hahhaha
Kungfuhamster says: see u shd tell YW its not really that bad
Kungfuhamster says: or those 2 boys

1 Comment

  1. Heh, Davin had a slightly different reaction when i asked him to read this entry. He went “Aiyoh…. *grunt*”

    You know, i think my chubbs can match you when it comes to making gutteral noises….

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