I love early mornings when I’m up before anybody else. I don’t always wake up early enough to enjoy it, but when I do, I revel in it. It’s like my last 3 weeks in Toronto when I attended 7:30a.m. mass every morning – St. Patrick St. was always so quiet and still at that time (especially on weekend mornings). My senses were heightened to every bird-chirp and the subtle fresh fragrance of the cool morning air.

There are too many things for me to think about in sequence. Work, plans, wedding stuff, family, individual friends, activities, and my own journey. In the still of the morning, I can sit quietly and let all these various facets of my life somehow percolate in my heart as I offer it in silent prayer. In that brief period, what’s scattered becomes unified, and my busy and restless heart becomes restful again. In these moments, I sometimes marvel at how deep the well of my heart actually goes.

Many interesting and wonderful things continue to capture my attention and imagination. And I still fully immerse myself in those moments. But there’s something different now which I hope will stay this time. I hear my own inner voice’s invitation to return within and visit myself. Some time ago now, I had rediscovered a pearl of great value within me, and I do not intend to lose it again. And in moments like now, I rest gratefully and joyfully. *serene smile*

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