Taking it easy

I’ve done a lot of wedding related ‘shopping’ for hotels, gowns, photographers etc. But it was only yesterday that Zibin first saw me try on any bridal gown. And today was the first time we went to check out a photographer and hotel together. I thought it was rather nice that it was Rasa Sentosa that we were seeing together because it has sentimental value for the both of us. We liked the venue because it suited what we had in mind for our evening program which we plan to be cosy, fun, and light-hearted. Unfortunately, the Pavilion Ballroom which we were eyeing is currently tentatively booked by another couple. Well, we’re not too disappointed. We’ll wait and see… as with many other things, que sera sera.

Actually, that’s something I’ve been practicing quite a bit with regards my wedding planning. People who know me well know how passionate I can become about what I like/want. This time around though, I’ve been taking it pretty easy. And so far, things have been falling into place pretty well, and I haven’t been stressed despite being so ridiculously busy.

It would be great if we could have the ‘perfect’ everything for the wedding, but in the end, the wedding’s just a day. I know I want to remember my wedding day not for what I wore, who attended, or where I had my reception, but for the significance of the step that Zibin and I will be taking on that day. The rest is really just icing on the cake.

Yesterday, Mom and I had an appointment with Mabel Lee Photography. I know I should have been concentrating on the photo albums, but I was very distracted by the in-store music. They were all Disney songs! Of course that is probably completely irrelevant, but I can’t help liking the place a little more. :P

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