More Soundbites!

Greymatter Photography
So far I’ve had appointments with four wedding photographers and I haven’t liked any of their portfolios. (Btw, both Cathy and I are not having studio photography so we’re just looking for actual day photographer.) Cathy had a friend who was extremely pleased with her actual day photographer, and I really liked the photos on the website too. Last night I was on the phone with Cathy talking about making an appointment. Zibin and my mom were talking nearby.

Me: (talking to Cathy) “… greymatter…”
ZB: (pauses mid-sentence while talking to my mother and looks at me in surprise) “Greymatter? Who’s the photographer? Is his name Qingzhong?”
Me: *distractedly* “Huh? Oh… er Cathy, what’s the name of the photographer? Is it Qingzhong?”
Cathy: *over the phone* “Erm… KC Wong”
Me: *to Zibin* “KC Wong”
“Wah lau. Is his e-mail KC@greymatter something?”

It was. And guess what? KC Wong turns out to be one of Zibin’s Saturday soccer buddies. Zibin said that he knew Qingzhong was a photographer, but hadn’t known he was so good. Actually, I had shown Zibin the online portfolio and Zibin had been impressed… but he hadn’t taken note of the url which was why he hadn’t made the link before.

Talk about a small world, huh? Things have the funniest way of falling into place sometimes. Well, we still have to meet Qingzhong to see his portfolio. Because he’s a friend, he’s willing to meet us next Sunday, which is the only day of the week when John is available. Wish us luck!

A Date With Camerata Salzburg
It’s the Singapore Arts Festival now. And for all my love of classical music, I’ve never yet attended any kind of live symphonic performances (whereas my FM93.3 darling has actually listened to a live symphony in Salzburg Austria! talk about unfair!). I decided it’s time to change the record and found a performance I’d like to attend.

I wanted to make it a surprise gift to my mom. But that turned out to be harder to do than expected. I was halfway through making the online ticket purchase when I realized I better check if my super busy mom was free on the date of the performance.

Me:*entering my parents’ bedroom where my mom was* “妈, 你下个星期五晚上有空吗?”
Mom:*in matching cheeky tone* “这样啊, 我不知道 leh. 不跟你说.”
“Huh? 怎么可以这样的? 你到底有没有空啦…快点 leh, 我这边有时间限制的 leh!”
Mom:*laughing*”你怎么这么霸道? 你就可以不说, 我就一定要说?”
Me:*exasperated* MAAAAA!!!!
Mom:*laughs heartily*

Aiyah, after all that and more, I spilled the beans. I’m super lousy at keeping surprises secret and my mom made it impossible for me :P But it turned out well in the end, because happily, Cathy also likes symphonies. And so, next Friday on June 23rd at 7:30p.m., Mom, Cathy and I have a date at the Esplanade. As for dearest Zibin and John? Well, if John manages to come out of camp, he and Zibin will have a date with the World Cup! :P


In case you were wondering, I did check with Zibin if he wanted to go for the performance too. The exchange was extremely short. It went like this.

Me: “Darling ah, would you like to go to listen to a chamber orchestra with me?”
ZB:*looks up in alarm, eyes widening in dismay*”Huh?…”
Me:*inwardly smiling knowingly and pats ZB assuringly* “Nevermind. In that case, is it ok with you if I bring my mom to listen to a chamber orchestra?”
ZB:*flashes me a smile of gratitude and relief* “Heh. Yah of course… hope you enjoy yourselves!”

It’s enough for me that Zibin’s programmed FM92.4 to be on the ‘hot button’ of his car stereo, and that he even listens to classical music on his own occasionally (perhaps very occasionally). I think classical music to him is kind of like Chinese Pop to me. The only time we listen to it steadily is when we’re together because of the other person. On our own, well… :P

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