"What's the score?"


John:*calling out after entering the front door after sending Cathy back* “Kor, what’s the score?”
ZB:*calls back from my living room* “Two-Zero”
John:*taking off his shoes* “Is Croatia winning?”
ZB:*calls out again* “No. Got two zeros. (i.e. 0-0)”


Zibin’s sick. He hadn’t taken a day of MC for more than 6 months and he falls sick when I’m back. He sure will get teased by his colleagues again as he only seems to fall sick when I’m in town. In his words, “Why fall sick until you’re here to sayang me?” *mock sigh*
However, I’ve noticed that sniffles, headache and fever aside, he seems to recover during the duration of a soccer match *wry look*. I guess World Cup fever beats all other viruses!

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