A 'Platinum' Friend

In 1991, a girl I had never seen before walked up to me out of the blue and told me, “I know you are Yang Ying’en. I am Cai Enling. I think we should be friends.” In my autograph book at the end of that same year, she wrote as part of her message that her dream includes ‘To be great friends with you… until death do us part.’ 15 years later, we’re still both alive and thriving…and yep, still great friends.

All my close friendships are unique in very distinct ways. Still, Enling will probably be the only friend I ever have who effectively told me that we will be good friends and believed it to be so until it really became true. *rueful grin*


Almost no other friend is as upfront and honest about her feelings as she is. Few friends are more effusive with expressions of affection, or more direct about telling me when I have disappointed, misunderstood or hurt her. Few other friends have made me aware of how valued and cherished I am as she has. Even fewer friends have had to wait for me, forgive me, or let me go as she had. It is no small thing to know that I am loved so unconditionally, deeply, and simply by a friend.


We had brunch today. She chided me as she always has for not calling her when I was down. We chatted about our respective wedding plans. I asked her to be my maid-of-honour. The look of delight on her face was unforgettable even though the request was not unexpected.

We talked about life. About love. About ourselves. About our friendship. Today, unlike in the past, there was much I felt but could not express in words. But I did not feel the need to.


En, thank you.


  1. Thanks dear! :) you made me sound all sweet and adorable, and less of the terror that I am really.:) haha :)

    We’ll be involved ok.:)


  2. Ha ha… hmm. You’re an adorable terror I suppose? :P

    And yes dear. We’ll be involved. However the nature of involvement evolves, remember what I said ok? That bottom line never changes :)

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