Morning Glory, “Moody” Zibin & Madeira


Zibin’s not yet used to my tendency to whip out my camera at unpredictable moments. Breakfast arrives at the coffee shop. He starts reaching out for it and I go, “Wait wait wait…take photo first!”

We’re walking along Sunset Way and we pass by a house with an entire wall covered with morning glory wet from the morning downpour. I stop in my tracks to take out my camera. 3, 4 shots later, Zibin quips, “You look like you’re interviewing the flowers.” When I stop again about 20m later, Zibin grins and asks,“Do you want me to ask KC (from greymatterphotography) if he wants an assistant?”

We visited our future home last Saturday. From below I looked up and the view of the Madeira against the blue sky had me whipping out my trusty Canon again.

I like to capture random snapshots of my days. Sometimes it’s with my digicam. Sometimes, it’s with words. :)


It’s been raining a lot the past two days. Huge, glorious, full-bodied, cacophonic tropical downpours. From my living room balcony, I had a box-seat view of Nature’s performance; it was mesmerizing. Encore!

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