Henry Says

It’s common knowledge many women hope to find a mate that makes them laugh. Honestly speaking, I had never really valued that very highly, or particularly hoped for it. As fate would have it, I ended up with someone that makes me laugh almost 24/7. With this guy, even the most mundane things can become funny (at least to me!).

I spent the morning with Zibin because I accompanied him for a few medical appointments. It’s been a-laugh-a-minute, even despite some sombre news we received this morning.


Chest X-Ray
Last night. We were planning today’s agenda.

Me:*wondering if I could fit in a meeting with Yinwei during Zibin’s x-ray at CMBP* “How long do you need for your chest x-ray at CMPB?”
ZB:“30 mins?”
Me:“So fast?!”
ZB:*glances down at his chest and then looks at me with arched eye-brows* “How big do you think my chest is?!”

Symphony = Boxing Match
Just this morning, my mom made sudden plans to fly to L.A. this afternoon because my grandmother has broken her hip there and requires surgery. I was with Zibin at his orthodontist when I suddenly realized I’d be having an extra ticket for the concert tomorrow.

Me:“Dear ah, can you go for the symphony with me and Cathy?”
ZB:*in a voice of great reluctance* “Well, if you really cannot find somebody else to go, then I will go lor.”

***I sms a couple of friends whom I know like symphonies. Neither would be free.***

Me:“Eh, so far no luck.”
ZB:*brain working desperately*”You haven’t asked Hui Xuan right? Isn’t she very free now?”
Me:“I would have asked her but I know she has a meeting at that time.”
ZB:“Can don’t go for meeting one lah!’
Me:“It’s an MSSA meeting! How can don’t go? Cannot!” (Disclaimer: the meeting time was set after I had bought tickets.)
ZB:*pitiful look* *sighs deeply* “If really cannot find then I’ll go lor.”
Me:*mildly amused at the severity of his reluctance* (ZB is almost never this reluctant to step up in anything else) “Is a symphony really that bad?”
ZB:“Well, how would you feel if you were asked to watch a boxing match?”
Me:*taken aback and incredulous because that came out of nowhere* “A BOXING MATCH?!!!”
ZB:“Ah see, see. It’s the same thing asking me to go for a symphony!”
Me:*slowly, still disbelieving* “You’re equating a chamber orchestra with a boxing match.”
ZB:*smug look that his analogy had the desired effect on me* Yep.

A ‘Romantic’ Moment on the AYE
After getting his tuberline test, Zibin became particularly hyper.

ZB:*suddenly breaks into high-pitched ‘singing’* “La la la la la! La la la la la!” *glances at me* “Is that how a symphony sounds like?”

***A little later after more hyper indications from him***

Me:*affectionately* “Why you so cute one? No wonder I love you so much.”
ZB:*indignantly* “Just because I’m cute? Do you love Jesus because he is cute?”

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