"Queen Bea" & I

If there’s anyone that was a model St. Nicks student, it would be Beatrice. And this opinion would be unanimous. Sedate, impeccably neat from head to toe, polite, cultured, always proper and temperate. Little wonder she was the Head of Discipline in our prefects exco.

It was good that we had her to balance the crazy and boisterous duo that Ivy and I was. With all the slaps, shoves, pokes and uninhibited laughter that we brought on, it was a wonder that Bea never lost her aura of serenity and cool. Well… not until near the end, that is *grin*. I don’t think anybody could totally withstand the crazy charm of The Terrible Two.


Bea and I are so different from each other in temperament and personality that sometimes I wonder how we got to be such good friends. Maybe our common interest in classical music and earl grey tea played a role :P

We were polite friends at first. The kind that smiled and said ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ when we met. Then, we shared a tent during OBS (Outward Bound School) in Sec 3. It was just 5 days, but somehow, we secretly drove each other up the wall. Our differences in temperament was manifest in the ‘back to basics’ setting we found ourselves, and that chafed and grated on our nerves. Neither of us spoke of it. Inwardly, both of us were very annoyed and it felt very awkward to be around each other.

One day, maybe 2 or 3 weeks after OBS, we happened to be sitting on a corridor bench waiting for others (probably for a prefects meeting). I asked her if she had been upset with me during OBS. She admitted it rather abashedly. I apologized for being a pain in the ass, and confessed that I had been annoyed with her too. We talked about OBS and laughed as we found out how we had annoyed each other. I still recall the bright smiles we exchanged that day. The rest, as they say, was history.


I shared some insights with her regarding some personal reflections on silence and solitude, things that come much more naturally to her than to me. After listening a while, she smiled and joked,“Oh dear! You’re becoming more like me!” :P Yah, right. As if I could ever become as refined and elegant as you, Bea! *ha ha*


  1. Whoa… am I honoured that there’s a blog entry specially on me!!! Hahha… no lah, I’m not really that wonderful that you gals make me out to be, wait till you ask Junqi abt the funny things I do. But I like the Earl Grey very much. Thank you dear, you’ve been a special friend in ways that I didn’t expect. Or perhaps should I say that maybe you’re the one that made me open up? =)

  2. Bea, I’m so glad you like the Second Cup Earl Grey! I had intended for the longest time to bring you back a box to try. As it turns out, before I left Toronto this time, a mysterious good friend (who wanted to remain anonymous) gifted me with 4 boxes of Earl Grey because she knew that I would want to share it with friends. I’m sure she’ll be glad to know you like it!

    Thank you for being such a good friend too, dear. :)

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