Camerata Salzburg

Me: Enraptured
I never quite understood the effect that classical music, especially symphonies, have on me. I can feel as if my heart has grown wings and taken flight, yet is at deep rest at the same time. I hadn’t thought that having a visual of the orchestra playing would make so much difference to the experience, but somehow it did. That split second, when the bows are poised above strings, right before silence is broken, was powerfully beautiful because it seemed so pregnant with promise. The air in the concert hall was thick with anticipation, and my heart-beat seemed to slow in an attempt to be silent. Then, when the bows came down in unison, I was lost, and content to remain at sea.

I don’t recognize the pieces. I don’t understand the protocols. I know nothing. I was simply engulfed. Transfixed. Transformed.

John: Conned.
15 minutes before the concert began.

John:*in surprise* “You mean we’re just going to be listening to music?”
Me:*also in surprise at his question* “It’s a chamber orchestra, John. What else are you expecting?”
John:*groans* “Wah lau. 2 hours of symphony?!”

Turns out, John didn’t really pay attention to what he was coming for. As Zibin had expected, Cathy had been the main draw. He obligingly sat through the entire concert, as if watching a comedy. His conclusion? “Next time I’ll keep kor company.” :P

Cathy: Distracted
How could she not be when John was sitting beside her, being well…John? But I don’t feel sorry for her because she obviously still had a great time. John was a bigger draw than the orchestra. *grin* Maybe in future when we attend such concerts without John, she’ll actually get to fully enjoy the music. :P

Zibin: Gratefully Absent
My wonderful other-half was sweet to check and double-check that he really wasn’t needed for the concert. His relief at being let off the hook was amusingly evident, even while he was incredulous at John’s apparent readiness to attend. “I’m telling you. He’s going only because of girlfriend!”

I really don’t mind it at all. Zibin’s been amazingly open-minded to my ‘cultural tastes’ already… symphonies are just where he draws the line. And yet, I know he would accompany me if I really wanted him to. But it’s ok lah… why make him suffer right? *heh*

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