That Last "Big Piece"

Guess what? The last big piece wedding planning-wise fell into place today without much ado. A quick phonecall to inform me that the other couple who had a prior booking on the venue we wish for had gone for another date. We’ve been really blessed. We managed to settle (well almost, still need to pay $$$ for some to confirm) the big ‘date sensitive’ pieces within a month without much fuss.

There are still a lot of ‘smaller’ but equally important things to settle now. Colour themes, music, mass readings, wedding favours, invitations and a dozen more little knick-knacks. Can’t afford to slack, but at least these can be attended to at a slightly more leisurely pace.


Assigning tasks to my wedding helpers will need a lot of serious thinking. I’m very lucky in that I have some serious talent among my friends. I just need to make sure that the best person will be in-charge of each task.

And of course, there are some factors that I will have no control over… such as whether or not some of the people I have in mind will be pregnant or would have recently given birth on my wedding day *wry look*, or whether they would be able to even be present in Singapore for my big day. But hey… no sweat! Que sera sera, right? Just remind me nearer the date if you need baby chairs at the table. *grin*


Bridesmaids. Ah yes. Most of my friends have been kind enough not to hound me about this as they know what a difficult task I have. *laughs* (May I thank my married friends for being married? That has made my task a lot easier! :P)

As it happily turns out, the three friends who have accepted my invitation to be bridesmaids also in my mind represent three significant groups of ‘sisters’ in my life. Enling (SNG-HCJC), Ivy (SNG Prefects Exco), and Wanting (Toronto).

Having Wanting as a bridesmaid has also added to the ‘sibling double-wedding’ theme, because Yuandong is also John’s Best Man! Neat huh. :)

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  1. That’s great dear! I’m so happy for you! I can’t wait! :) And yah hor, I MAY be pregnant then! Haha, but you never know. I’m not planning for one so early yet!! :)

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