My "Major Hoo-Ha" (J. Yeong, 2006)

This evening, I attended Zibin’s promotion ceremony. It was very interesting to me for various reasons.

1. After 7 years together, this was the first time I actually came into the vicinity of his workplace. Needless to say, I had never been to Tengah Air Base where he worked previously, and this was my very first time going into MINDEF. We had to go through a metal detector before entering the auditorium too. :P

2. Chop-chop. That was their ceremony. They even showed a video to everyone on the proper way for the ceremony to proceed (just like those pre-take-off videos in planes). It was amusing, but also impressive, because they were very efficient. I was very grateful for their speed and efficiency because er… I was in bad need of the washroom :P

3. I met some of Zibin’s colleagues. Not the ones he is closest too, apparently, but I wouldn’t have known it from the way those guys joked and teased each other. Apparently, the air logisticians are a pretty small group, so they all know each other pretty well, even across air bases etc.

4. I also met Zibin’s current big boss – the Head of Air Logistics (HAL). We had a short chat, during which he suanned Zibin. Zibin was saying that his long-distance phone bill was not too bad because if I was in Singapore he’d have to spend money taking me out etc (which btw is not true, hor. I’ve been back what 3 weeks? And we’ve only gone out on a “date” once. That’s because we’re the laze at home type. :P) After Zibin said that, HAL said to me,“Ah, he’s saying that you’re expensive. But then again, you don’t look like the type.” Zibin says back,“Er…Sir, you’re making things difficult for me.” It was entertaining. Heh heh.


Congratulations to my dearest hubby! This day is very well-deserved for you, and we’re all very happy and proud of you. *smile*

May you never fail to give your best in life and in work. May you never lose sight of your goal to be Christ’s light wherever you go. While today may be special, I am no more proud of you today than any other day.

May you always do your work with responsibility and pride. May you never fail to handle your relationships at work with integrity and humility. May you bring hope, joy and God’s love with you always. And may you never fail to give thanks and praise to our Lord, the source of all blessings!

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