Inking Memories

I kept all my correspondence from secondary school in a clear binder. It has been more than a decade… I wonder if my friends still remember what they wrote to me? Just for kicks, I’m putting up some ‘safe’ excerpts without names. It’s a pity many of these correspondences weren’t dated. But they were all written in either 1994 or 1995.


Excerpt 1
…Anyway don’t care whether you like this pig (you’d better like it, though). I ‘want’ you to put it somewhere where you can see almost everyday, then you’ll remember me, and think of me. Then even if we go diff JC in future, when you see the pig, you will remember there was such a girl who was a pig-freak (pf!) before, and then you can call me on the phone. Then maybe we can go and EAT! (Yah! Your favourite past-time!) Happy or not?

Excerpt 2
Do me a BIG Favour, destroy this letter i.e. burn it, tear it, incinerate it, corrode it with chemicals… I don’t care, just get rid of it!!… Our reputation is at stake!!!! Still mad and irritated with you, (sign)

[The author has long known I did not destroy the letter, and is now happy that I had kept it for her to re-read :P]

Excerpt 3
… And by the way again, if you continue to call people bozos, you will really be bozoed yourself. If you think I am a bozo, I am not simply because I am giving friendly advice to a stupid friend. Of course that friend is you. What do you mean, how dare I say you are stupid? Well, there is nothing to it really. You are so easy to bully, it’s a piece of cake!

Excerpt 4
…There’s a saying that tears are only meant for true friends. I guess you must be one to me.

Excerpt 5
I have so much to say, yet nowhere to write. I want to tell you so much, yet no words fall from my lips. to put it simply, i love you!

P.S. Good friends are hard to find but even harder to keep. Don’t get lost.


I love reading old correspondence…it’s like looking at old photos, only it can be even more fun. Some of the letters I kept were happy and funny, some were sad… some were light, some were stark and painful. But they were all full of love and youth.

I cherished these letters back then. But it’s even sweeter to read them again now, as an old friend who ‘didn’t get lost’.


  1. who said i was glad u kept it?? (giving myself away)
    ps: im impressed i said “corrode it with chemcials”.. such a science student..hahah

  2. Oh you mean you’re not? *innocent look* Then why on earth are you so eager to read them again? :P Ha ha ha…

    Actually, yah, I’m particularly tickled by your ‘corrode it with chemicals’ line. So serious. *lol*

  3. oh its so funny ann!! but this is supposed to be confidential…. first you resort to keeping every letter in a folder so u can read it over and over again, and repeat it verbally to us at ur leisure to torment us with memories, then u proceed to show OTHER pple the letters of OTHER pple…(don’t bluff, most of the SNG gals have been to ur place and we’ve “reviewed” the letters”), and then now you post it on the BLOG?!!! tsk tsk ann ann ann….we should really put down memories of u from us….or video tape it or something… there’ll be a lot of material. ;p

  4. Hey! Don’t make it sound worse than it is lah. Tsk…certain select letters were only “reviewed” during story-telling time and always with the author also present (unless you sneaked peeks you weren’t supposed to!). Don’t sabo me ok! *sniff*

    Besides, I’m fair game to be tormented. And YES, I will POST more ‘rubbish’ on me…soon ok? I must get the stories straight first mah. *grin*

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